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Working from home nowadays has become a reality for a whole lot of people. Fast internet is available to over 2 billion people and you don’t have to be a genius in computer code to create a website. I want to share with you a work from home business opportunity that is based on a passion you have, or something you already know a lot about. I use a system that is regularly earning me money and it taught me all the techniques I needed and gave me all the support and tools I needed for a fee that doesn’t cost the earth. Let’s start with how a passion can become a business opportunity…

How a Passion Becomes a Business Opportunity

What are you passionate about? I love photography, I have taken wedding photography for 10 years, but only as a part time gig. I still had a day job that meant hours in an office and away from the family. I started looking into how I could take my knowledge in photography and cameras and earn money from it. Initially I was looking at some extra money, I never realised it could lead to a full-time job by just helping people in a subject I loved.

So, how does it work??

Most people use a search engine to research a subject or research a product before they buy it. They search for how to photograph a night sky or which camera is best for a beginner. They find my website with tons of information on photography, cameras, the right camera for beginners. They decide to follow one of my reviews on a product and follow an affiliate link to a marketplace (Amazon, for example) and purchase the camera. My affiliate link allows me to earn commission, a percentage of the value of the product.

This is the premise of the business opportunity I am talking about.

A subject you love on a website of your own earning you commission. Ok, now you are thinking that sounds too easy, but that is the business I am using now to earn money. I have this website that helps people earn money from home, but I also have a website helping people with dslr cameras and photography. That is the key, helping people. It really doesn’t matter what the subject is, as long as you understand the right techniques to get it ranked in the search engines, so people find your website.

The Business Opportunity

There are three key things you need to be successful and the program I am offering to get you started has them in abundance. So, what are the three things:

Education, Free Websites & Expert Support.


Imagine a step-by-step training course that takes you from creating a free website and getting it hosted for free, telling the search engines about your website and getting it ranked, a keyword research tool helping you to pick the right keywords, how to use your social media to your advantage with your website. The training goes on and covers all aspects. The owners of the program are also fully engaged with the community to ensure everyone gets the support you need. Don’t worry, if you don’t know anything about these courses as they are written for the complete novice. I knew some bits before I joined, but I wouldn’t say I was an expert – but after following all the steps in the training, I have completely benefitted from them and I know you can too.

Free Websites

Everywhere you can find free websites, I hear you say. There is a big difference in what they offer though. You sign up to a free website and then find the features you really need are an optional extra. They are typically only a subdomain, which keeps the name of the host in the name.  This isn’t great if you want to build a brand and business that will earn you enough to work from home.

With our suggested platform, you can have 25 full domains and 25 subdomains included in the monthly subscriptions. You only pay for the domain name, which you would with any provider. It also gets better, SSL has become so important to website owners in the last 12 months. People only want to use trusted website to protect their data. You will get free SSL with all 25 full domains if you get to that point. Why, is that key. SSL can cost £100 per website with other suppliers. So that is a hosting fee, domain name fee, and SSL fee per year.

The monthly fee pales into comparison when you start looking at the fees of just the websites elsewhere, but they offer education and expert support.

Expert Support

A lot of alternative programs offer this, but from my experience they just offer tutorials and lack the support. To make your business reach the heights you need for it to earn enough to leave your day job behind and work from wherever you want to with an internet connection, you need the expert support it needs.

Kyle and Carson are the owners of the program and they have been with me the whole way. I have never experienced such dedication and support than I have from these guys. The training is written by them and all the technical support is from them. You need help, just send them a PM and they will respond. Joining this platform also means you join a community of thousands all there to support you. Ask a question in the live chat and they will respond in their droves with an opinion which is all about support. Weekly Webinars, or WAbinars focus on a subject each week. Whether you watch it live or watch it at a more convenient time, they are delivered by Jay and are again delivered for someone who is new to it. A Free Keyword Research Tool to help you with an important aspect of making this a reality, keyword research.

The Business Opportunity Platform You Need is…WA

Investing in your future starts with a platform that offers these three things in abundance. There are many business opportunities out there that offer the dream of working from home. The problem is some of them turn out to be scams. We focus on finding out about these scams and telling as many people as we can. This is a genuine work from home business opportunity. Aimed at taking a complete newbie from nothing to websites that can earn thousands a month. One of my fellow members recently wrote a post about taking their business from earning $0 to $10k a month – just by following the step by step guides and persevering.

Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine program aimed doing just that. They are honest about the time it will take, they offer a world-class program for a relatively low monthly fee ($49, works out to about £38). They also want you to be confident in using their platform, so they offer it free for 7 days. They do not even ask you to enter credit card details like others. If you find they are what you are looking for you can choose to upgrade at any point to a premium member and gain access to everything you need to live the dream of working from home. I know $49 may seem like a high amount each month, but trust me, once you work out how much it might cost to learn everything you need to know and then tag on costs for hosted site with SSL. You will find that WA works out much cheaper.

Don’t get fooled by other programs like drop-shipping or binary options trading. They are not worth it for someone new to this type of business. Stay simply, earn money by helping people in a subject you know something about. Let WA teach you all the techniques you need to get it to the audience, allowing you to focus on writing great content – which is the key to getting sales.

If you want more information on Wealthy Affiliate, check out my review here. Or, drop me a question in the comments below and I will answer you.

Some will say the proof is in the pudding, so why not start a free account here and give them a try. If not, here is a link for the premium option.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you do join, please drop me a note would love to connect. Here is a link to my profile page on Wealthy Affiliate.



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